Industrie 4.0

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German - Thai Partnership for the Industry of Tomorrow

Date: May 15, 2017

Time: 08:30 – 16:00

Venue: Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok

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Current state of play and follow up

On 15 May, the German Embassy, the Ministry of Industry (MOI) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) hosted a workshop-style conference to facilitate a concreter discussion about “Industrie 4.0” – by being sector specific, needs and solutions oriented (pictures, agenda and background see below). The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) cooperated closely while many agencies from Germany. Many Thailand based companies supported the event. Competent speakers from several institutions and companies were involved in the preparation and actively took part in the discussions before, throughout and now, after the event.

It became apparent, that “Industrie 4.0” is inclusive and bears development and participation opportunities for all levels of Economy and Society.

The keynotes, the high-level panel and the Round Table discussions aimed at delivering actionable results, some of which are now being followed up upon by the respective Ministries and the private sector.

One example is the implementation of a “Industrie 4.0 Plattform” after the German Model, which brings together on a regular basis the key stakeholders of this technological and industrial revolution to support the policy makers in creating a framework. This framework favors innovation and technological advancement in order to create and preserve the competitive edge of the Thai economy. The Ministries are already working on a “Industrie 4.0” Learning Center (Industry Transformation Center), similar to the Competence Center in Darmstadt, Germany, and both sides are re-assessing the possibility of linking the Innovation-Fund-Schemes (the “Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand” – ZIM Fund – in Germany). German and Thai Companies are – together with MOI, MOST and FTI – exploring possibilities to create pilot projects with their partners and customers to showcase Industrie 4.0 solutions in practice. Many other ideas, especially also regarding agriculture and education, have been brought into the discussion and will be followed up.

For more information and to leave input please contact
Sopida Tongsopit
National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office


Youtube clips of the conference

Part 1

Part 2

Agenda of the conference on 15 May 2017

Welcome Remarks
Mr. Peter Prügel, German Ambassador to Thailand
Keynote by Dr. Uttama Savanayana, Minister of Industry
Special Lecture
“Germany’s Strategy for Innovation and Growth – an Industry Perspective”
by Prof. Dr. Peter Post, Head of Applied Research, Festo AG & Co. KG, Member of German Council of Science and Humanities
--afterwards: Group Photo
High Level Policy Talk
“Industrie 4.0 in Thailand 4.0: New Technologies, New Business Opportunities from Concept to Implementation” – moderated by Mr. Martin Venzky-Stalling This session will discuss lessons learned, opportunities and challenges in implementing “Industrie 4.0” in Germany and how they can be adapted to draw industrial and innovation strategies for the Thailand 4.0 vision.
Lunch and Networking
parallel topic or sector specific Round Table Discussions
Each session will with reference to the status quo and current challenges of the respective sector in Thailand discuss related decisive steps of development in Germany in the past and lessons learned, identify potential transfer of experience and strategies as well as intensification of cooperation – according to the lead questions provided to the Round Table Participants
  1. “Industrie 4.0” Policy Toolbox
  2. Smart Production, Modern Manufacturing
  3. Digitalization of non-manufacturing Industry and Society
  4. Agricultural and Food Industry
  5. Workforce 4.0
Coffee Break
Conclusive Panel
Presentation of the results of the specific working groups and Wrap-up
End of Event


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Topic and Sector Specific
Discussions and Next Steps


Industrie 4.0 Policy Toolbox


Smart Production, Modern Manufacturing with best practice examples from the automotive sector and other high-tech industries


Digitalization of non-manufacturing Industry and Society – about the smart use of ICT and Data with Examples from the Medical Sector


“Industrie 4.0” and New Technologies for Agricultural and Food Industry with regards to smart farming and the advanced use of technology in food processing


Workforce 4.0: Education, Training and Workforce Development towards Thailand 4.0